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Bluetooth 5 Latest: 4 times Range, Doubles Speed, Increases Data Capacity by 800%

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) decided to officially adopt Bluetooth 5 as the latest version of the Bluetooth core specification. It will effectively replace the two year older Bluetooth 4.2 specification.

Devices with Bluetooth 5 will be out of oven within the next two to six months if the estimation is accurate. This would mean that the majority of devices that will be released in 2017 should have adopted. Bluetooth 5. Let’s check out its new specifications as you wait for the release.

Faster, longer range connectivity, and larger broadcast capacity.
The longer range of Bluetooth 5 means that connections between Bluetooth devices can be done at a further distance yet maintaining strong a connection. The increase in broadcast can now send a larger amount of data. The higher speed will lead to more responsive, high-performance devices.

Cooperative, able to coexist with other devices within the same location
Internet of Things (IoT) technology has become more prevalent in everyday life connecting various other wireless technologies in a single location.

Adapting to this advancement, Bluetooth include updates that would help reduce potential interference with other wireless technologies, allowing Bluetooth 5 devices to coexist with IoT device that uses a different type of wireless technology in the same space.

It is able to maintain low-energy functionality and flexibility even with this update. Developers gets to have more rooms, tailoring their devices or applications according to preferred specifications.

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